Dell just unveiled its ultra durable windows tablet “Latitude 12 Rugged”. This new tablet runs on Windows 8.1 with some impressive specs.

The display of this tablet is made to make it readable during sunlight , it features a 11.6-inch HD and also a display which works with gloves. Tablet also has an battery which lasts up to 12 hours , its powered by a pair of removable batteries that can easily be swapped out without having to power down the tablet., also it has Intel Core M processor, along with a whopping 512GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and the option to add cellular support.

As its made for extreme condition its has IP65 rating promises to handle water, sand, dust, extreme temperatures and drops at up to 4 feet.

If you are planning to buy it then the price of is not out yet but it will be coming out later this month.