Drone is the future thats why they are everywhere . Sony is stepping in this business by teaming up with Japanese robotics firm ZMP. According to a press release, ZMP will bring its “automated driving and robotics technologies” to the project while Sony will offer its imaging and telecommunications expertise.

“We’re looking to explore new opportunities beyond our core consumer portfolio in enterprise markets, The key to driving growth in these areas will be adapting Sony’s innovation in various technologies.” – Hiroki Totoki, the head of Sony’s smartphone told WSJ.

Sony’s devices have failed, But its sensors are used by rivals including Apple and Samsung. Sony’s company which will be making drone is called “Aerosense”. Sony is not going to sell drones, but rather sell the services that drones can provide to such industries as agriculture and the inspection of infrastructure , so don’t expect to buy a Sony drone this drones are not for the general consumer.