GoPro_The Hero4 Session

The GoPro Hero 4 Session is the smallest GoPro yet as it is just half inch cube and weighs just 2.6 ounces. But The smaller size comes with concessions – No 4k , No swappable battery.

It took 3 Years for GoPro to build the GoPro Hero 4 Session. What is really Cool that The GoPro Hero 4 Session doesn’t need a case to be waterproof  or shockproof. The Session waterproof to 10 meters. GoPro also build a a new microphone system that works similarly to human ears. A membrane drains water that’s trapped on the microphones.his means that the GoPro can pick up clear audio moments after leaving the water. There is also a rear-facing microphone, which the camera switches to when it detects high amounts of wind noise on the front microphone.

the Session has a top mounted LCD status screen. It’s tiny. And that’s okay. The small screen displays the camera’s mode, battery life, and connection status. But the top-mounted location is far-superior to the front-mounted screen found on other GoPro cameras.

the Session cannot record in 4k, the video quality is perfectly fine for high-definition viewing. Most users will be perfectly happy with the 1440p30 or 1080p60 recording capability of this new GoPro. The low light recording is acceptable and like every other GoPro, the camera easily captures fast-moving objects. . At $400 the Session is not cheap. It lives in the higher-end of GoPro’s range, and therefore should have similar video recording capabilities.