beats 1

Apple just released Apple Music and it has its best feature called Beats 1. Apple music is currently available for iOS users only and all the Android users still have to wait to get it later this year.

But here is the good news , If you are and android users and cant really wait till the end of year here is the little trick which will help to stream beats 1 on your Android Phone. There is a simple site made by Benjamin Rumble which lets you to Play Beats 1. Just Go the site and hit play and you should be able to hear Zane Lowe. You should be Running on iOS (6 and up), Android (4.1 and up) or Safari for OS X.

This is based on on an unencrypted URL of the live stream spotted by Rumble. Thats clearly means that Apple can cut it off at any moment, though it’s possible the company won’t notice or simply doesn’t care. We have tested it and it works fine

Link to Benjamin Rumble Website :