Apple Music Senior Director and former beats CEO Ian Rogers wants you to be ready for the official launch of Apple Music. Apple music is coming out on June 30 at 8 AM PT, per a Rogers’ blog post and Facebook event, at which time iOS 8.4 will be made available for users to update their devices.

So guys who wants to try apple music needs to updated on iOS 8. Apple seems to be very confident the specific timing of the launch, As in history there  were issues that caused delay availability of the software, due to things like a whole bunch of people all attempting to access the update from Apple’s servers at the same time. But currently mass update has no issues thats maybe apple has invested a lot of money on there data centre to handle that much traffic for the update.

The iOS 8.4 update will be available through OTA , So you can directly update your iDevice to iOS 8.4 right from the settings. As it is OTA so plan for some delays just in case.

Apple Music will be available for 3 months for free trial (Which little bit caused controversy) after the trail gets over it will cost 9.99$ per month . Apple Music will also have a streaming radio service called Beats 1, which features artists hosting programming sections as well as a team of full-time DJs headed by ex-BBC host Zane Lowe and you will see the redesigned music app in iOS 8.4.