Starting Today you will be able to use Facebook messenger without an facebook account , By this Facebook makes sure that the Facebook haters will use its messenger. This Feature will be available intoday in the US, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela before the feature comes elsewhere.

A new “Not On Facebook?” button in the Messenger sign-up flow will let people upload their phone contacts. Facebook will then match them against Messenger users who’ve registered with those phone numbers to build a no-account user’s social graph.

Facebook - Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger currently is working on bunch of new features.It’s added friend-to-friend payments, new location sharing options, a dedicated web interface,VOIP video calling, and an app platform for sending images and sound clips to friends orplaying games.

Taking it to another level facebook is also planning to roll out its Messenger For Business system to more verticals, allowing online merchants to offer customer support through Messenger rather than slow phone calls or annoying emails.

Not to forget Facebook’s Messenger is already a huge platform as it has 700 million monthly users.Essentially, Facebook realized that not everyone wants a social network or News Feed, but everybody chats.