On 30th Apple is set to give world its Apple Music right before that Google has just announced that Play Music will now offer a free, ad-supported version of the service to users who don’t want to pay $9.99/month.

Play music is music streaming of google to compete with Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc , this all company has paid subscription , but today google announced the free version launched today won’t let users choose their own songs to play on-demand. Instead users will have the option to choose from pre-curated playlists, similar to Pandora or iTunes Radio.

Google Play Music has only been a paid service in the United States, requiring users to shell out $10/month to listen in. With today’s launch of the free, ad-supported version of Play Music, Google is poised to be more competitive against services like Spotify and Apple Music.

So what about the paid users ?  the free service loses out on several features that premium subscribers get — and also handcuffs you with some restrictions. Free users are limited to six skips per hour, a number that’s become the industry standard in recent years. You can pause tracks, but there’s no ability to rewind, scrub through songs, or even see what’s coming up next. People who pay for Google Play Music have full control over playlists and can manipulate, edit, rename, and save them for offline playback.

The free version of Google Play Music is rolling out on the web today, with launches for iOS and Android coming next week.