Apple this year is expected to launch 2 new phones and they are none other then iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus , We all know the design pattern for “S” series is generally similar to its predecessors . According to new report Apple is already working on technology that might help it pull off the most radical redesign of the iPhone yet with the iPhone 7 in 2016.


So According to Digitimes we will see TDDI (touch and display driver integration) which is Apple Currently developing for the iPhone 7 key design feature. This can sound very unexciting to some but is really a important factor for the future of iPhone or even may turn out to be the trend in smartphone for 2016.

Digitimes suggests, as Apple might remove the Home button in the future. The TDDI single-chip solutions would come with integrated fingerprint sensors and would let Apple increase the display of future iPhone models. Digitimes also notes Apple might be working on iPhones with ultra-thin and ultra-narrow displays “and with a whole plane design eliminating the Home button.” As the home button is a commonly hated part for many of the iPhone users .

As a proof that apple wants to remove  the Home button Company has already made a first step towards that by introducing Force Touch technology , Also It’s practically a given that iOS 9 will come with Force Touch support this year, and the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be the first devices to incorporate such pressure-sensing displays.

According to me TDDI can give users a option of simulating a Home button anywhere on the screen with help of Force Touch Technology.

Also there is an another proof supporting this story , as Apple already has patents describing future iPhones that would actually lack physical buttons of any sort and feature wraparound, clickable displays.

The Next Major iPhone Redesign is more likely to come next year, but there’s nothing yet to suggest the iPhone 7 will be the first iPhone model to ditch the Home button – that’s assuming Digitimes’ report about Apple’s TDDI chip integration plans and the imminent removal of the physical Home button is accurate.

via : Digitimes