Apple in its WWDC unveiled its upcoming iOS 9 ,Which is intelligent Siri, some handy multitasking features for the iPad, and a few new app upgrades. iOS 9 is currently available for Developers (iOS 9 Beta) and the public update will come in this fall . Here are 9 hidden features which apple not talked about in the WWDC Event :

  • 1) Ring/vibrate switch : This feature was before only available for iPad users but now in iOS 9 iphone users will be able to go between lock rotation and mute when toggling the ring/vibrate switch.
  • 2) iCloud Drive App : iCloud Drive is Available from iOS 8 , But in iOS 9 toggle a setting that enables you to access an iCloud Drive app, which lets you see all the files you have stored through the service. To get iCloud Drive App Go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Show on Home Screen . 
  • 3) Podcast : Apple’s Podcast app is receiving a redesign of its own in iOS 9. Like the Music app, Podcast includes some fresh paint along with the same Mini Player, which is a nice touch. There’s also the addition of an unplayed button, which shows all of the podcasts you haven’t listened to yet, along with a slightly revamped My Podcast section.
  • 4)  Toggle flash : When recording a video, you can now toggle the flash on and off. Before, you could only do so before you started to record a video.
  • 5) Notification Center : In Notification Center, iOS 9 will show users how much battery is remaining. And if you have an Apple Watch, you’ll see a battery notification for that, too.
  • 6) Siri: You already know what Siri will be capable of in iOS 9. But  Now when you activate Siri , your phone will quickly vibrate to indicate that she’s ready to hear your query.
  • 7) Photos: In iOS 9, you’ll be able to toggle different shooting modes for video. So if you want to shoot 720p at 30fps, just toggle the option; there are also options for 1080p at 30fps and 1080 at 60fps as well.
  • 8) Settings: In the settings app, there’s a new search bar that will let you more quickly find the setting you’re looking for – Finally !
  • 9) New Font – San Francisco: Finally New Fonts are Here !  The font Apple designed for the Apple Watch is the default for iOS 9, showing that Apple is finally taking type seriously.

As stated above iOS 9 is only Available for developers , But you cannot wait till this fall to get the official wait and want to try iOS 9 Beta without an Developer iD then Apple is soon conducting its Beta Software Program in which you can download the iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan Beta , All you need to do to get that is just register your Apple iD. Also iOS 9 will be Available to all the device which Supports iOS 8 .