ios 9

In WWDC Apple announced new features and services to its devices and software platforms. For most of the people functions and features that appear innovative but this are already present in other products of different company .

  • Multitasking for iPad : Microsoft Surface :

The iOS 9 on iPad demo showing side-by-side app functionality earned rousing applause from the WWDC audience , this is the feature which has been on Windows  8 since years And in the upcoming Windows 10, the ability to open and resize modern Windows apps on a Surface.

  • Picture-in-picture video: Samsung Galaxy Note:

During WWDC Apple showed a video picture-in-picture window for the iPad on Monday. Seems cool, but the truth is that Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones and tablets since many years .

  • Public transit information: Google Maps

The company also demoed the Public transit support as a new feature in its maps . But Google already have this ideas in its google maps . As the truth Google maps leads when it comes to maps , This is just a step apple took just to make there maps have the similar feature from the leading google maps .

  •  Contextual searches: Google Now on Tap

iOS 9 got smarter , more context-aware Siri seem strangely familiar, there’s good reason. Just a couple weeks ago, Google unveiled something called Google Now on Tap that does many of the same things.

  • Apple Music: Beats Music

Apple buys beats by dre for $3 billion , It stands to reason that Apple Music would look a lot like Beats Music. sure, the layout and navigation of Apple’s new multipronged music service has an unmistakable resemblance to the short-lived app launched by Dre and company.