facebook- TechnolifeFacebook has scrapped its previously unknown plans to build a satellite which could have cost an estimated $500 million. The Main idea here is to provide cheap internet access in the developing world. As Facebook is trying many ways for expanding internet access.

Mark Zuckerberg had openly discussed using satellites to help with Internet.org, this new, cancelled scheme was apparently unrelated. The Information’s report, based on “a person with direct knowledge of the project and a person briefed about it,” says it would have been a geostationary satellite that could have helped provide internet access to dozens of countries. Instead, it may now lease a satellite off another provider, if it does decide to push ahead with its plans.
Facebook’s plans to bring internet access to the emerging markets have the potential to positively transform the countries targeted.By providing the tools required to access the web, it can ensure it has first access to previously untapped markets of billions of people.