Apple is kicking of this WWDC 2015 (World Wide Developer Conference)  . Here’s a roundup of what’s likely to go down at WWDC this year, along with a few far-out wishes and some cold water for previously rumored possibilities.

1) Apple’s streaming music service: Just over a year after buying Beats, Apple appears to be ready to transform Dr. Dre’s streaming music service into something of its own.Rumors suggest Apple is building a service to rival that of Spotify, complete with access to an on-demand library of content for a comparable subscription price of around $10 monthly. Apple has so far only taken a few tentative steps into streaming with iTunes Match and iTunes Radio, but this sounds like it could be the next big thing in online music delivery.

2) Split-screen multitasking: The iPad could make you a bit more productive if it allowed multiple apps to be on screen at the same time, and this could be the year that Apple allows it. Apple was supposedly working on this last year, but 9to5Mac reports that this could be the year it debuts.  

3) A new font: Apple introduced a new font last year for the Apple Watch, and this year it could roll out to all of its other products. Called “San Francisco,” the font is designed for readability, which could make it an improvement over the stylish but very thin font that it’s currently using (Helvetica Neue)

4) OS X 10.11 : Apple’s next major OS update is also definitely coming at WWDC, and it will probably keep up the naming convention of the past two big updates, meaning it’ll bear the name of some significant place in California.This is also rumored to be a primarily a stability update, along with iOS 9, but there are some potential new things coming, including a replacement of the system on with ‘San Francisco,’ the font used for display text on the Apple Watch. Another report suggests we’ll see a new Control Center panel accessible from the left edge of a 10.11 Mac’s display, providing quick access to the same kinds of features that are easily reached in iOS by swiping up from the bottom.

5) iOS 9 : The iOS update, the 9th major version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system, is thought to be bringing a lot of stability, performance and security enhancements to the platform. Reports have suggested it will be similar to OS X Snow Leopard, which was largely meant to refine the experience of OS X Leopard.Part of Apple’s aggressive development cycle, which now pretty much guarantees big yearly updates to both of its primary software platforms, is a pace of new feature releases that can be at cross-purposes to providing a stable, bug-free experience. By avoiding any sweeping changes to the core OS experience like those we saw visually in iOS 7, and functionally in iOS 8, Apple might be able to improve the general consistency and quality of user experience, which is something many Apple fans and observers would be happy to see.