TechnoLife-Windows 10Finally the wait is over and the countdown begins for the upcoming Windows 10 which everyone is really excited about.The next big update for MS is designed as a unifying platform that will offer continuity across mobile, desktop, tablets and even the Xbox One gaming console, and it will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users for the first year.

Microsoft is also using a “reservation” system that allows users to sign up to be notified when the update is available, and to schedule it to install when you want. Some users also have reported that Taking a gander at your Notification Area in the Taskbar and you should find a Windows icon that, when clicked, reveals a shiny new Windows 10 upgrade panel. It’s currently being rolled out to selected users and we have not seen this ourselves.

We have listed down some of the new features coming in Windows 10 have a look :

  • Microsoft Edge: The successor to Internet Explorer, designed around minimalism and collaboration tools, plus with Cortana integration.

  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint built in.

  • Xbox Live and Xbox app for doing things like recording gameplay, interacting with your Xbox friends and also streaming Xbox games to the desktop.

  • Windows Continuum, which lets you smoothly jump between multiple Windows 10 devices, and which lets you use your phones like a PC with external input accessories.

  • Windows Hello, a new login method that uses face, iris or fingerprint recognition to log you in without a password, depending on hardware support and also a new lock screen called Windows Spotlight that will change over time and customize itself based on how each person uses their computer.

Also if you are a candy crush fan then its coming pre installed in the windows 10 update and Windows 10 is also expected to be the last version of windows as company wants to make Windows as a service , so you will get the new features via update. The software maker has also released all the version of windows that will be available to users to choose from .Microsoft is doing everything it can to make the transition smooth, like ensuring it’ll work with your existing applications.