Google today is conducting its IO which will last 2.5-hour.Here’s a round-up of what to expect, what isn’t all that likely, and what might blow our collective socks off.

Android M: Google’s own I/O schedule confirmed that we’ll be seeing a new version of Android at the keynote. After giving Android a huge visual overhaul with Lollipop, we expect the next iteration to focus on refining Material Design further, squashing bugs, and improving performance.

Fingerprints: Android M will introduce full-fledged support for fingerprint authentication, letting users log into apps like Gmail and Google Drive with the press of a thumb. 

Android Wear: It was just over one year ago when Google unveiled a version of Android designed for your wrist. Since then, the company has been working rapidly to bring new features and improvements to Android Wear.

Android Auto: Similarly, Google will likely have plenty to say about its mission of putting Android into cars. Automaker partnerships are critical to that effort, so Google could have some news to share there.

Project Fi: Google is now a mobile phone carrier — if you happen to own a Nexus 6. With Project Fi invites slowly trickling out, I/O presents the company with another good opportunity to demonstrate the pay-for-what-you-use phone service that seamlessly hops between Wi-Fi and two major US networks