We all know the combination of Laptop and tablet. But for samsung it was not enough. In a patent application filed last week, first spotted by Patently Mobile, Samsung describes a mobile device that runs Android and is able to switch over to Windows when inserted into a dock.


Samsung is really serious with this idea as the they details into a bit on how the device will work .The core would be a smartphone or a tablet, which would hold everything needed to run both Android and Windows. The dock would have a keyboard, a large display, and possibly a trackpad. Those final two items are where it gets interesting. The dock may not need a trackpad because the smartphone’s touchscreen could be used instead. Alternatively, if the dock includes a trackpad, the smartphone could be used as a second display.

The Patent notes suggests that the OS on which this device is focused is Android and Windows , of course this is an great idea as both of them are the leading OS makers in mobile and pc. This idea still need some more detailing as according to me as all power is coming from a mobile device.

via :Patently Mobile