Just like the Netflix you have a alternative called Popcorn time which is a torrent based movie streaming app for mac and windows . Same  like that there is a cCloud Tv for Live Tv. cCloud is not legal at all as it live television stations and allows users to stream them to a wide range of devices for free.

the team behind it announced on Sunday that users can now stream more than 50 channels of live TV content including HBO, ESPN, AMC, TBS, Showtime and more to the iPhone and iPad. You dont need to jailbrake your iPhone/iPad if your wondering . cCloud works just fine on your browser . So now people without a pay TV package now have access to more than 50 channels of live, streaming television.

To access cCloud TV, there are no hacks needed. You don’t even need to install an app — simply navigate to this link on your iPhone or iPad, and choose “smartphone” from the list of devices.

Here are some of the channels that can be streamed live right now for free:

  • HBO

  • Showtime

  • ESPN

  • AMC

  • CNN

  • TBS

  • MTV

  • TNT

  • Comedy Central

  • FX

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