If you are a big fan of  customizing your iDevice then with iOS 9 , you may be not able to do that , According to 9to5mac the upcoming iOS 9 to come with a feature called “Rootless”.

Rootless can be described internally as a “huge,” kernel-level feature for both OS X and iOS. To prevent malware, increase the safety of extensions, and preserve the security of sensitive data. But Rootless will also prevent even administrative-level users from being able to access certain protected files on Apple devices.

This is really a very hard news for jailbraking community though it can supposedly be disabled on OS X. OS X ? yes Rootless is also coming on macs to prevent user from dangerous malware. But the finder is not going away with the Rootless feature.

One of the big drawback of iOS device for majority of user is that they are not able to customise there device according to there wish , to them Jailbraking (Cydia) is just a perfect solution. But now apple really makes a big move to blow out jailbraking. This is not the first attempt of apple to stop jailbraking even earlier version were every hard to get through , so lets see if this time the jailbrakers are able to introduce jailbrake for iOS 9 or not . Still this is just rumours nothing is officially conformed by apple .