If you are one the fitness frek then the Spotify’s surprise announcement is all about you. Spotify has built its new all-new user experience that’s designed for runners. This are new announcement made by Spotify today at New York.With the new feature, Spotify will now use your listening history and preferences to find the perfect soundtrack for your run.


Spotify selects the tunes automatically by using those hardware in your device such as (accelerometers, etc.) to determine your pace and play back songs that precisely match your performance.

We’ve combined the best music on the planet – recommendations based on your listening history, multiple-genre playlists and original running compositions written by some of the world’s foremost DJs and composers – all tuned to your tempo and seamlessly transitioned to ensure you’ll never miss a beat. Start running and Spotify will detect your tempo, matching the perfect music in time to your step – making you a harder, better, faster, stronger runner.

Spotify also will partner with both Nike and RunKeeper to bring its streaming music to both extremely popular fitness apps. Spotify also made another huge update today by  introducing podcasts and video clips to what previously was strictly a music app.