The virtual reality headset company Oculus is conducting an special event at June 11 at San Francisco for which the company send invites to the press with an image which bears the tagline “Step into the Rift,” as well, suggesting we’ll probably get more information about the consumer Rift headset launch, including possibly more final hardware details.

The Rift image you see in the image does not match any of the current device , so you can expect a new device maybe ? or at least a new version of developer hardware based on the final headset spec. Oculus VR announced that the Rift consumer headset hardware would begin shipping during the first half of next year, with pre-orders commencing later in 2015.

Still there is a whole lot to understand about the Rift , consumer launch, however, including exactly when buyers will be able to put in for pre-orders and when the first units will ship, what will be the price etc .