The giant software maker Microsoft is reportedly working on Chat app to comes on iPhone that works as an accompaniment for its Outlook inbox app. A Twitter user discovered on a publicly accessible site, the new app — called Flow — is designed to offer “fast, fluid, natural conversations,” with “no subject lines, salutations, or signatures,” and will apparently allow for quick communication with email contacts outside of your regular email inbox.

Microsoft - Flow - Messaging app

 Microsoft launched Skype Qik last year as lightweight video-messaging service that was simpler and quicker to use than vanilla Skype. Flow, too, sounds like it would be faster to use than regular Outlook email, and would give Microsoft an entry point into the increasingly crowded chat app market.

Something which is interesting that Microsoft would bring the app to iPhone first . Still this is not officially conformed by Microsoft but the twitter user named “h0x0d” was able to excess the a description of the app on a download page marked “Microsoft Confidential. If this thing is true then Microsoft really needs something really special to attract users from the giants like whatsapp , not only whatsapp the messaging app population now a days is over crowed so the “Flow” should have to stand different from the Market to attract people to use it.

via : h0x0d Twitter