vortex- Blade Free Wind Turbines

No Blades ? Yes you got that right A company from spain called “Vortex Bladeless “ has a idea of a bladeless wind turbine that looks like a giant rolled joint , its called as “Vortex”. Vortex and the wind turbines have the mission of To turn breezes into kinetic energy that can be used as electricity , But the company is doing that in a new way .

So basically in a normal Wind Turbines the energy is captured from circular motion of a propeller, the Vortex takes advantage of what’s known as vorticity, an aerodynamic effect that produces a pattern of spinning vortices.

VORTEX-CAMPO- vortex- Blade Free Wind Turbines

The Vortex’s shape was developed computationally to ensure the spinning wind (vortices) occurs synchronously along the entirety of the mast. The company Explains :

The swirls have to work together to achieve good performance.In its current prototype, the elongated cone is made from a composite of fiberglass and carbon fiber, which allows the mast to vibrate as much as possible (an increase in mass reduces natural frequency). At the base of the cone are two rings of repelling magnets, which act as a sort of nonelectrical motor. When the cone oscillates one way, the repelling magnets pull it in the other direction, like a slight nudge to boost the mast’s movement regardless of wind speed. This kinetic energy is then converted into electricity via an alternator that multiplies the frequency of the mast’s oscillation to improve the energy-gathering efficiency.

One of the best part of this product is there is no moving parts – No Gears , No Bolts . Which makes Vortex cheaper to manufacture and maintain.  The founders claim their Vortex Mini, which stands at around 41 feet tall, can capture up to 40 percent of the wind’s power during ideal conditions (this is when the wind is blowing at around 26 miles per hour). Based on field testing, the Mini ultimately captures 30 percent less than conventional wind turbines, but that shortcoming is compensated by the fact that you can put double the Vortex turbines into the same space as a propeller turbine.

Vortex 6m Prototype - vortex- Blade Free Wind Turbines

The Teams say the clear advantages of vortex :

It’s less expensive to manufacture, totally silent, and safer for birds since there are no blades to fly into. Vortex Bladeless says its turbine would cost around 51 percent less than a traditional turbine whose major costs come from the blades and support system

The company has raised $1 million from private capital and government funding in Spain, and they have plans to close a round in the United States soon.