Last Month there was an image in the google maps in which Android mascot urinating on the Apple logo in Google Maps , which made google to shutdown its Map Maker – service that allows anyone to contribute to Google Maps. Google is taking the tool offline temporarily.

This is not the first time somebody has done a prank on google maps , there was another prank saw a user adding a business called “Edwards Snow Den” located right in the White House by exploiting a loophole that allowed you to change a business listing’s address after its creation.

So what google did about this ? Well in April google said it was working to improve its spam detection system and the result is it is not enough .

Now google is shutting down the access to the system entirely starting on Tuesday May 12th, according to a new message that pops up if you try to make an edit on Google Maps using Map Maker.


the Google Map Maker forum, where Product Manager Pavithra Kanakarajan confirms that the decision to shut the project down for the time being is directly related to the

“escalated attacks to spam Google Maps over the past few months.”

She says that this most recent attack (referring to the image of the Android urinating), was “particularly troubling and unfortunate,” and that Google has now suspended auto-approval and user moderation across the globe. This will remain the case until Google figures out ways to add “more intelligent mechanisms to prevent such incidents,” Kanakarajan adds.

Google has struggled to make an about face in its review process for Map Maker edits in the weeks since the Android blowup. Where it was previously extremely lax, every edit is reviewed manually right now. With the team seemingly overwhelmed, it’s unclear when an improved tool will return.