When it comes to very low cost computers then the most popular Raspberry Pi was definitely a game changer when it hit shelves at only $35. So now if you need a computer which is just the size of your credit card then The CHIP is a $9 Sing board computer thats run on Linux.

CHIP - $9 Computer

CHIP comes in with Wifi , bluetooth and optional ports for VGA and HDMI monitors. One board you will find a  1GHz processor , 512 mbRAM and 4GB of storage .You can install a light version of Debian and you can even plug it into something called the PocketCHIP that adds a touchscreen and keyboard to the mix in a package about as big as the original Game Boy.

The CHIP has already blown past its $50,000 goal and is now at about $200,000 .They expect to ship in one year and they’re a Haxlr8r company so they have some solid manufacturing support.

Owing this can turn out pretty cool as it is a $9 computer – $19 with the VGA adapter and $24 with the HDMI adapter – is a wonderful feat. Like the Raspberry Pi, the medium is the message. The main use you can do with this little guy is you can carry it and play games with it or use it as a mini computer