Finally after a long wait apple watch is here and some buyers are reporting that the high-end smartwatch doesn’t work properly if they have wrist tattoos.The heart rate sensor wouldn’t read their pulse, and the watch wouldn’t detect direct contact with the skin, causing apps to stop working and repeatedly ask for the passcode. To confirm if inked skin really does affect the smartwatch’s functions, iMore has decided to perform a series of tests.

Tattoo Gate ?

On Reddit, guinne55fan says that he thought his device was faulty until he “decided to try holding it against my [un-tattooed] hand and it worked… Once I put it back on the area that is tattooed with black ink the watch would automatically lock again.

YouTuber Michael Lovell showing the problem. When worn on his un-tattooed left side, the watch works fine. But after being transferred to his right wrist with a sleeve tattoo, the device stops working and asks for his passcode.

But if you have a wrist tattoo and its light coloured then apple watch will work for you , here the problem is with the dark colors People with darker skin tones won’t have issues, though, because

natural skin pigmentation doesn’t block light the same way artificial ink pigment or even scar tissue does

says iMore

If you have a dark tattoo and your apple watch is asking for passcode then You can switch off “Wrist Detection” to prevent the device from asking for a passcode.

However, that solution isn’t perfect: for one, it switches off Apple Pay, as well. Of course, you can always wear the watch on your other arm if it’s not tattooed, but you can also just wait for the next iteration if an update can’t fix the issue.

via Michael Lovell @ YouTube, iMore

A blog by : Jay Patel (@imJaypatell)