Google Maps now contains a cartoon of Android’s robot mascot relieving itself on the Apple logo. The image was first spotted by Cult of Android and at the time of writing is still — unbelievably — live.

Screen+Shot+2015-04-24+at+12.01.09                Click here to view this on Google Maps 

Android mascot taking a leak on the Apple logo. At the moment, it’s unclear who created this little piece of mischief and whether Google is taking action. But if this hidden message is any indication, it was snuck through by a member of the public using Google’s Map Maker service, rather than a Google employee.

A week and a half ago there was also the mysterious appearance of Edward Snowden in the White House — or, at least, a business listing for a snowboard shop named “Edward’s Snow Den” with the location changed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Whatever’s going on, it looks like Google Maps needs to get a grip on its territory.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-24_at_2.00.30_PM.0A Blog By : Jay Patel (@imJaypatell)