Snapchat revealed a new style of Geofilters that change throughout the day to tell friends what they’re looking at.aid on photos or videos all day, Snapchat has different ones for each Coachella band that are only available while they’re playing.

Different Geofilters Every hour or so

To add the filters, Snapchatters can just take a photo or video, and then swipe left or right on their screen while previewing them. Coachella attendees will be able to submit Snaps to the festival’s Snapchat Our Story, which the startup will curate so people at home can see what it’s like to be there.

 the Sahara EDM rave tent filter features a neon rainbow of colors, while the nightclub-esque Yuma tent filter shows off a discoball. The camping area and even the parking lot have their own filters too.


But what’s special is that artists like Drake and St. Vincent will have their name appear in timed geofilters.


If you think this all seems silly, maybe you’re right, but you’re probably misunderstanding a fundamental truth of Snapchat: It’s about unique experiences.

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