Samsung-Galaxy-S6-vs-Galaxy-S6-Edge-6-1280x855Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the biggest smartphone that samsung is shipping. Samsung needed to learn that hardware prowess and software features are tools you use to build something great, not ends in themselves . Most Galaxy phones are uninspired compilations of spec lists. For the S6, Samsung to needed to find inspiration.


First of all the galaxy S6 and S6 Edge never feels the same like any other samsung phone ( plasticky or faux – leathered) , This both phones is sandwiched between two glass , so you have a glass on the front and a glass at the back and with beautiful metal rim going all around the phone.The seams between the glass and the metal are nigh-microscopic, and the whole thing just feels fantastic. It weighs just a hair more than an iPhone 6, and it’s slightly bigger as well. But I actually find it easier to hold and to reach the far corners because the glass is less likely to slip than the iPhone’s metal finish. It glides into a pocket and stays in my hand.

Samsung finally copied the right thing: caring about design.


As mention above the phones are sandwiched between two glass , that two glass are none other then Gorilla Glass 4 , which will not hold up to drops or could be prone to scratching . The camera bump on the back is an overly large wart. That’s about it, from a straight physical design perspective. And in both cases, but personally i m not worried about it.


One big rant i really have with Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge design it gives me deja vu , Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge really takes a lot of inspiration from iPhone 6 , the bottom of each phone (Iphone 6 and galaxy s6) : You’ll find the same perfectly machined holes and ports in basically identical spots. Samsung also dropped the removable battery, the microSD storage expansion, and even the waterproofing, all in the name of design.

This devices are really a mile stone for samsung device where design feels like it was a consideration from the start , Starting from all plastic to all faux leather and now to glass. This is one of the few device which looks good and feels good. Thats what i called a perfect elegant and refined devices.

S6 - S6 Edge - TechnolifeIf there’s any single feature of the iPhone you could say Samsung copied, it’s the fingerprint sensor. And thank god it did, because it’s actually useful as an unlocking mechanism now. The interface for setting it up looksexactly like Apple’s, with a fingerprint that slowly gets colored in as it learns. But you can use it from any angle simply by resting your finger on the home button, and though it’s not quite as fast or as accurate as the iPhone, it’s very close.

The S6 not only looks good but inside of the phone we have parade of specs, there is a IR blaster , the heart rate monitor that doubles as a shutter button for selfies, the support for not one but two wireless charging standards(something iPhone is really missing), the insanely fast new processor , the 16 mega pixel camera with OP ( Optical Stabilisation) and the best beautiful Display .

The display is the It’s a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED  2560 x 1440 display with pixel density of 577 PPI because of that whites are whiter, blacks are blacker, colors are vibrant without being oversaturated. There’s also a huge gamut of brightness, from eye-searing to safe to read in bed, and the auto-brightness is actually useful.

 Now lets talk about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge whose distinguishing feature is a screen that curves around two sides. We are not reviewing both of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge separately because for nearly all intents and purposes, the exact same phone as the regular S6. In fact, the only intent and purpose that really matters for the Edge is marketing: it’s just an incredibly cool-looking phone that’s sure to draw people into the store. It’s an example of Samsung’s engineering abilities and the kind of thing that will wow your friends at the bar for a minute or two.


The Samsung galaxy S6 egde have the same same size screen as the regular S6, just with that slight curve.The effect is trippy when you slide an icon across it, and in some cases it’s just really nice to glide your thumb over it. But the tradeoff is that the sides of the phone are thinner and feel sharper.

With Samsung galaxy S6 edge you get a feature which lets you to set a row of colored, favorite contacts that you can swipe to see. When one of those contacts calls you and your phone is face-down, the table lights up with the appropriate color. There’s a night clock that’s inexplicably limited to working for 12 hours a day. Lastly, there’s the “Information stream,” which will give you the time, notifications, weather, and a random Yahoo News headline.

S6 - S6 Edge - Technolife

That extra display’s on galaxy s6 costs you $100 more then S6 , But that side display’s not worth $100 dollars . Basically, the extra $100 you have to spend to get the Edge buys you a cool-looking phone with some very forgettable software features.

Now lets talk about the important feature that we all see in smartphone that is camera . With the S6 and its optically stabilized, 16-megapixel sensor, it’s really starting to fly.In bright light, I’m hard pressed to find anything major to complain about. In low light, pictures tend to come out a little more yellow than I’d like, and it can be pretty aggressive in lightening things up too much. Yes, you see artifacting when you zoom in on the results, but not enough to bother me. And in some cases, I actually preferred the lighter images that Samsung put out to what I got with the iPhone 6 Plus.

This Phone has a a 64-bit Octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. Like it did with the screen, I think Samsung solved any slowdowns you might experience in Android with brute force. So much so that I often found that both versions of the S6 get warm, especially when using processor- or graphics-intensive apps.


As far as the battery goes The Galaxy S6 has a 2,550 mAh battery, and the S6 Edge, oddly, rates 2,600 mAh. That’s smaller than the S5’s battery, yet it needs to power many more pixels — so I suppose it’s a testament to both Lollipop and Samsung’s processor that it lasts as long as it does. It also helps that Samsung is supporting both major wireless charging standards in one body and rapid charging via USB. That’s all nice, I suppose, but it’s small consolation when you’re away from a plug and running out of juice.

Now lets talk about the OS  , Touch Wiz is one of the big drawback of samsung phone to some users , but now in Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge , Samsung has mostly deferred to Google’s Material Design sensibilities, which is a refreshing change of pace.Samsung is continuing its long journey toward a genuinely clean and restrained design. But it’s doing so by taking all of the clutter and stuffing it into the closet. The crazy Samsung features are mostly still here, just buried and turned off by default. I’m fine with that: the result is a lot of nicer rooms to live in.

S6 - S6 Edge - Technolife

Samsung’s apps like S Health are surprisingly decent, though, and I actually found myself using S Finder in the notification shade to quickly jump to arcane settings I couldn’t otherwise have located. Samsung still wants you to believe that it’s a good idea to use two apps at once on the same screen or to put one app in a tiny pop-over window. It’s mostly wrong about both of those ideas, but I guess it’s impressive that a phone can even pull it off in the first place. Honestly, my favorite new feature is double-pressing the home button to launch the camera.

TechnoScore : 9.0

Good Stuff :

  • Beautiful design

  • Excellent camera

  • Incredible screen

Bad Stuff :

  • Average battery life

  • Software still needs work

  • bottom of the phone really looks like iPhone 6