Elon Musk the CEO of tesla motors teased that a brand new thing on Thursday, April 30, with the mysterious reveal scheduled for 8PM PT at its Hawthorne Design Studio. Elon musk teased this on his twitter account.

Elon musk

This is the first tease for “New Big” thing , so we dont get any other hints that how company will blow your minds , We can expect one thing that elon musk teased last month is that tesla is close to launch a stationary battery pack design to power up your entire house , also elon musk stated that the unit would be ready for a public debut within months, so April 30th could be the day we discover Tesla’s vision for pumping electricity throughout your house.

Tesla new battery to power your home coming on April 30 ?

But not to forget we are talking about Elon Musk , he can launch something which is really huge that me and you have never expected. so the chance of a different, unforeseen surprise is always there.


Via: Elon Musk (Twitter)