HTC One M9 is the latest flagship from htc . At glance One M9 is a beautiful design, beautiful finish, feels great in the hand, and doesn’t look like a copy of any other smartphone , of course expect the One M8 , that really gives me a Déjà vu experience.

If you own M8 and look at the M9 then the main visual difference between them is the two sharper edges of the M9 and the power button, the power button on M9 is placed on the side of the phone. Ofcourse placing that power button on the side really helps to use it . but it’s too easily confused with the volume buttons just above it. A simple fix would be to put the volume buttons on the opposite side as the power button.

M9 looks solid , Feels Solid and it is made to be solid  

the experience of holding, using, touching, and taking the M9 in and out of pockets is the same as it was with the M8 .The M9 is slightly shorter and ever so slightly thicker than last year’s phone, but it’s not noticeably different in everyday use. One of the big thing i hate of the design of M9 is the antenna band at the back of the phone.


lets talk about the internal Htc M9 comes in with the snapdragon 810 which is defiantly super fast and also comes in with 3 GB of RAM making sure that things runs really smooth. As far as the battery goes it is slightly larger in the M9 than in the M8 and it consistently went all day on a single charge. It won’t last for more than a day off of the charger as larger phablets with their even bigger batteries can, but if you’re used to charging your phone every night anyways, it’ll easily get the job done.


Htc also used the new version of Sense the software that HTC layers on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop. which makes M9 more quick and responsive.Comparing the OS with M8 It’s visually very similar to the software on the M8 and has most all of the same features, But M9 comes in with two new features first is the new theming engine that lets you quickly customize the look and sound of the software and second a widget for the homescreen that attempts to predict which apps you’ll need based on your location.

Customising themes is always a fun part to deal with ,You can quickly change the wallpaper, app icons, fonts, sounds, and more on your M9 with a variety of downloadable theme packs. One of the best thing Htc put down in there theme part is if you cant find the theme of your choice then you can create your very own theme on HTC’s website and upload it to your phone.

For the new second feature you get in OS of M9  is predictive widget , some of you may love it and some of you may hate it . The main idea here is to serve appropriate apps for work, home, or travel based on your location. the idea is great but it needs more work It takes too long to learn my habits and it populates the widget with a folder of suggested apps, many of which were comically off base or already installed on the phone. But lets hope this part can be improved by a update.

The camera on Htc m8 was one of the big disadvantage of M8 , but for M9 Htc  has made a high-resolution, 20-megapixel sensor and that secondary sensor is gone. The UltraPixel camera has moved to the front, where it actually works pretty well for low-light selfies and its lower pixel count isn’t as much of a problem. The new main camera has lots of pixels though


But this never made M9 the best picture taking camera , in many cases, images taken with the M9 are worse than they were last year. The M9 has the pixel count the M8 lacked, but all too often the images are fraught with noise reduction and smearing of details. Low light pictures often have odd color casts and there’s unpleasant blooming in highlights. In well lit scenes, the M9 has trouble exposing wide ranges of light to dark areas.

Htc’s design was used to be what made company stand out 

The M9 doesn’t do anything to improve HTC’s position against the rest of ultra-competitive premium smartphone world. Samsung, HTC’s closest competitor, has dramatically closed the gap in terms of hardware and design with its forthcoming Galaxy S6. And by all accounts, it will have a far superior camera as well. The iPhone has long been a phone with great design and picture quality that beats most point and shoot cameras you can buy.


after few months from now QHD screen will be allover like apps , games will be made to take advantage of QHD screen , but the M9 will not be able to give you that quality as other phone purchased at same time will give . The main idea here to deliver 1080 p screen is to deliver you some killer juice (battery) but it does really do

if you use facebook , instagram , snapchat then i dont thing htc m9’s camera will disappoint you but if you expect more then this will not work for you . Htc m9 is well build phone but on other hand it has an outdated screen , so there are some problem like this which makes this guy a mixed phone then terms of pro’s and icons , but overall htc m9 is a good phone , but not the best phone right now. From upgrading from M8 to M9 personally i dont see any point to upgrade. If you are die hard htc fan then you should or you want a modern phone which is build like a tank .

Good Stuff :

  • Best Solid Design 

  • Performance is speedy 

  • Battery life is good  

  • Speakers are good 

Bad Stuff : 

  • Not much design change 

  • Disappointing camera

  • power button to close to volume keys

  • Not  that great display   

TechnoLife Score  : 7.9