Microsoft is planning to give you the future updates of Windows 10 by using Peer-to-peer (P2P) Protocol , So if you are not fond of having to wait while you download Windows updates from Microsoft’s servers? You might not have to when Windows 10 arrives.

the latest leak build of windows 10 reveals a fact that Microsoft is  moving to P2P. Peer to peer technology allows Windows 10 users to enable “updates from more than one place,” with the ability to download apps and OS updates from multiple sources to obtain them more quickly.


So now is future you will be able to download Apps and OS updates from Microsoft and PCs on a local network, or a combination of local PCs, internet PCs, and Microsoft’s traditional Windows Update servers.

For this Microsoft  acquired Pando Networks in 2013, the maker of a peer-to-peer file sharing technology that’s similar to BitTorrent.t’s not clear what technology Microsoft is using for its Windows 10 testing, but it’s reasonable to expect it has evolved from the Pando Networks acquisition.

But officially Microsoft have not talk about the announced its P2P plans , but the company is planning to release an official Windows 10 preview shortly that will likely include the new changes. While Microsoft’s changes could prompt security concerns over the validity of OS updates, it’s likely that the company has built in methods to prevent tampering and a means to verify update packages before they’re applied to Windows 10 systems.