On Monday 9th March Apple is going to conduct its event. This event will be one the important event for Apple this year. Apple expected to unveil final information on the Apple Watch and detail a release plan for it, it may also discuss a new MacBook, an update to iOS, and a whole lot more. Below is everything you can expect to see on Monday :

  • Apple Watch Price & Availability 

Apple Watch - Technolife

After seeing the Apple Watch for the first time we know that Apple Watch will be available from the price tag of $349. But How high will it get?.After all, Apple only mentioned a $349 base price back in September — that doesn’t tell you anything about what it’ll cost to get wristwear that suits your style, With a safe assumption that $349 will get you the Apple Watch Sport. With its aluminum body and synthetic rubber strap, it’s clearly the cheapest option and meant to be sold to the masses.

But putting the aluminum and synthetic rubber strap aside lets talk about something more expensive and exclusive – Gold Watch

Apple Watch - Technolife

the question that’s received the most heated attention: how much will the 18-karat rose gold Apple Watch Edition models cost? Many are speculating that their pricing could be around what you’d pay for a fine analog watch. Gruber is in that camp, placing the price between $10,000 and $20,000, also depending on what band they’re paired with. Developer Marco Arment, on the other hand, writes on his blog that he suspects these high guesses could be off the mark, with the real pricing landing around $5,000. Either way, it should be one of the most expensive products Apple currently sells, and everyone’s going to be talking about whatever price Apple chooses.

Apple has already said that the Apple Watch will begin shipping in April. On Monday, it should announce the exact date, where you’ll be able to get it, and when preorders will begin.

  • Bands and accessories 

Personalization is a big part of the Apple Watch, and — as with most watches — swappable bands play a major role in that. It seems likely that all of the sport bands will be available for sale. But the story could be different for the leather and metal bands, especially given that some of them have body color-specific attachments. This may make them more expensive to sell on their own or simply impractical to sell, whereas the sport bands all terminate in their own color, thus preventing this issue. apple-watch-technolife

As for third-party bands, we may have to wait to hear about that .as a report atTechCrunch brings up, provides a way for manufacturers to create smart bands that interface with the watch. While this would be a nice addition, it doesn’t appear to be in the cards — at least for this version of the watch.

  •  Apps and battery life: What haven’t we seen? 

The team in Cupertino walked through many of the fundamentals at the original event, and they even previewed a few major Watch-friendly apps such as Starwood’s hotel app and Twitter to give you a sense of how they’ll work. Leaks at 9to5Mac have touched on the iPhone companion app and a notification center, and The New York Times revealed a Power Reserve feature that limits you to timekeeping to save battery life. You probably won’t hear about every last nuance of the Watch on March 9th, but it’s entirely possible that you’ll learn about some features that weren’t ready (or were simply undercooked) the last time around.

Apple also opened the Apple Watch Kit to the developer meaning we would see some amazing third party apps coming . Along with previewing apps, Apple may also detail what it’s doing with the App Store to account for them. For now, it’s possible that there won’t be many changes. Apple Watch apps will all be running off of iPhone apps, so they may just exist inside of iTunes as they do today. Eventually, Apple plans to bring native apps to its watch, so Apple could have a Watch App Store app to show off. If not, that may be something for another time, such as when native apps become available later this year.

  • New Macbook. MacbookAir-Technolife

    Apple is expected to debut the successor to the Air — be it a new MacBook line or simply a new version of the Air — that’s lighter, smaller, and has a much better display.

9to5Mac first detailed the new model in January, reporting that the laptop will have a 12-inch display, but in a body that’s in most ways smaller than the current 11-inch Air. Notably, Apple was said to be exploring a version of the laptop that only included two ports: a headphone jack and the new USB Type-C connector — not even a separate power connector. That’d be a bold and, certainly, divisive move, but it’s probably safe to expect an impressively small laptop as a result.

The new MacBook is expected to be the line’s first model not to include a fan and The laptop is also believed to no longer have a clickable trackpad — you’ll instead have to rely on taps. The keyboard, according to 9to5Mac, is also supposed to be slightly narrower than on other MacBooks.

  • iOS 8.2

Apple Watch cannot work without iPhone , For that iPhone needs to get updated to iOS 8.2 , which introduces support for the Apple Watch. Most notably, it includes an Apple Watch companion app that’ll allow you to change the watch’s settings, as there’s a lot that’s easier to do on the phone.

Otherwise, the updates in iOS 8.2 are expected to be minor, including some bug fixes and tweaks to the Health app. Perhaps the biggest disappointment here is that you’ll have to wait until iOS 8.3 for that awesome new emoji picker.


Two of the big products Apple is said to have in the pipeline probably won’t be showing up on Monday. That includes12.9-inch iPad, which more and more reports have come out on over the past year.

It very much seems like something in the works, but the latest news, from Bloomberg, says that manufacturing on it isn’t expected to start on it until around September. That would put its release in line with most other iPads, in the October / November timeframe.

It’s just the starting of the year , wait till the end for big products .

For a while now, Apple has also been said to have a new Apple TV in development. Those reports have largely subsided over the past year, seemingly as Apple focuses on the bigger projects that we’re expecting to see on Monday. So hang tight… Apple will have to release a new Apple TV someday.

Lastly, Apple’s said to be transforming Beats Music into its own iTunes streaming service. That’s almost certain to come out soon, but the latest report, from 9to5Mac, says we shouldn’t expect it until Apple’s developer conference in June.


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