You can use a third party solution, but then you’re trusting yet another third party to not go out of business, not get acquired and shut down, not go down during business hours, and, most notably, to not be awful for its own reasons.

Tweetdeck - Technolife

In the 10 years since Twitter’s launch, it’s never gotten around to building its own fix — until now.

Like a number of Twitter’s power user-focused features, the new Team tool is built into TweetDeck as opposed to the more standard Twitter client.

how to start using it:

  • Download/update TweetDeck. The feature is rolling out today on the web/Chrome/Windows versions.(Mac Users you need to wait )

  • Pick one account manager who knows the main password, which should now be secret to only them. If you’re already sharing your password with X dozens of teammates, you’ll need to change it or this is all mostly worthless.

  • Have the manager log into the account in TweetDeck, then have them…

  • Click “Accounts” in the navigation bar.

  • Tap your team’s account in the list

  • Add Team Members via the input box, then set their role. Contributors can tweet/retweet/delete tweets/follow and unfollow/etc. Admins can add/remove other users.

  • When someone leaves, have an admin remove them from the team list. DONE !!