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There tons of rumours regarding apple working with car , WSJ is reporting that Apple is indeed working on a car. Its called “Project Titan” , its an all electric car that apparently “resembles a minivan” in its current iteration and has a team of several hundred people working on it.


Apple to challenge Tesla

the report claims that Tim Cook signed off on Titan nearly a year ago, giving ex-Ford engineer and current Apple exec Steve Zadesky a team of 1,000 staff from across a variety of departments in the company. In recent months, company staff have visited contract manufacturers that could potentially build a car (or components of a car) on Apple’s behalf; one company that WSJ names is Magna Steyr, which has built cars for Mercedes and BMW in the past, among others. Apple also hired former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development Johann Jungwirth to join the company as Director of Mac Systems Engineering.The hire was confirmed by Jungwirth’s LinkedIn page, and first noted by a report in the Financial Times detailing Apple’s recent hires in the automotive industry and secretive new automotive research lab.

Its Apple , we cannot guarantee it until production starts 

The whole picture is defiantly unclear why Apple want to step in the world of electric cars from building great consumer electronics might be a simple explanation: the company’s explosive growth will eventually peter out unless it expands to new markets, and there’s no question that transportation would fall into that category.