the Raspberry Pi has helped children learn to code and has powered many homebrew projects around the world, but some users have often lamented at the lack Windows support. Luckily, now that the Raspberry Pi 2 is here, that’s all about to change. Microsoft has announced that it will support the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s latest board, making its a specialized version of its Windows 10 operating system available to the wider Pi community for free via its Windows Developer Program for IoT

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With the pricing of the Raspberry Pi 2 and Microsoft’s free copy of Windows 10, you could have a full PC for just $35 later this year. We’ll have to wait to hear more information from Microsoft on how Windows 10 will function on the Raspberry Pi 2, but the company says it’s planning to reveal more “in the coming months.” It’s likely that this version of Windows 10 will only run modern universal apps, as the Raspberry Pi 2 includes an ARM-based processor.

Microsoft is currently developing Windows 10 as part of a public series of previews, and the company is relying heavily on feedback. We recently got a chance to see the new operating system running on 8-inch tablets, phones, PCs, and the Xbox One. With new universal apps, a fresh browser, and the return of the Start Menu, Microsoft is expected to ship Windows 10 later this year on PCs, tablets, phones, and even miniature devices like the Raspberry Pi 2.