Cortana - Windows 10

In a demo of an early build of Windows 10 onstage, Joe Belfiore, corporate VP of the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, demonstrated that Cortana could tell him the weather, predict the Super Bowl , set a reminder and dictate a message. You can do all of this while in other applications, which Belfiore says should make for easier multitasking. The speech recognition even interprets “hashtag” as the “#” symbol and Cortana has also learned some languages, plus the ability to speak in, uh, Yoda’s voice.

Cortana’s database is based on a Bing-powered knowledge base in addition to learning from your behavior and previous searches. The center of the Cortana experience is housed in the “Notebook,” which should be familiar to those on Windows Phone. Opening this Notebook will show you just what she knows about you. Search results will appear in the lower-left corner of the desktop. Aside from just using your voice, you can also, of course, simply type your queries into the search field.


Cortana is also a important element in Microsoft’s new Project Spartan browser as well. She will tell the weather or your flight status , if you’re looking at a restaurant website, Cortana will offer info like directions, photos of the food and links to Yelp reviews. It’s certainly a lot more integrated and involved than Siri or even Google Now. Microsoft wasn’t kidding when it said it was seriously investing in Cortana and making it your personal digital assistant.

i know you all Windows fans are waiting for this to come , so when it is coming ?, Belfiore says the rollout will be gradual over the coming months, and it’ll roll out to several countries during that time as well.