Google  released its Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS after a release on Android devices last year. which is available for both iPhone/iPad .

This app allows allows users to remotely access their computer via the Chrome Remote Desktop app available in the Chrome Web Store.


To get started all you need to do is :

  • you’ll just have to download and run through a setup for the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your Mac or PC and then open the new Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS to establish a connection:

  • On each of your computers, set up remote access using the Chrome Remote Desktop app from Chrome Web Store… On your iOS device, open the app and tap on any of your online computers to connect. 

The Android app is pretty well reviewed with an average of 4.4 stars among users — so hopefully the iOS counterpart meets that reputation. How responsive and lag-free the overall experience is will likely hinge on the strength of your data signal, but it’s free, so Chrome Remote Desktop might be worth a try over costlier options like LogMeIn.