Quantum dot display showed up everywhere in CES 2015 so you will be wondering what is Quantum Dot technology in Tv ? , With that Insane name it is not that Insane at all , But it is an improved Backlight technology .

The LED & LCD tv’s we have now the backlight is just a pure white light that can shine through . But the white light light isn’t just RGB (Red Green & Blue ) , White light is Red , Blue , Green with some yellows some purple & some more other colors & thats need to be filtered before it goes to those sRGB pixel and that filtering will take some little bit of light and vividness . Where else this Quantum Dots TV will not need that filtering , that will make the pictures little bit Better , Brighter , Sharper & off course efficient pictures

You can get a glimpse of this Tv’s at CES in Las Vegas . You can find the Samsung’s new ” S UHD ” Tv’s which are of course Quantum Dot Tv’s . Samsung makes big claims about showing wider color gamut and much brighter , Technically the are correct !

This Quantum Dot Tv’s looks good but that great , But defiantly very bright and vivid but still it is an OLED Display .

OLED Panels which we see in TVs and Mobile’s Don’t require any Backlight , In OLED Display all the individual pixels are creating their own light . But is not as bright as the Back light but bit more efficient because when you want to create Black you dont light up a pixel at all that creates those super dark and contrast ratios.

It is Beautiful and Future of Televisions .

We all have seen OLED in our smartphone but what about Quantum Dot ? not this year but defiantly after few year. it make sense as it is  more efficient then LCD which would be great for battery life and more brighter because lack of filtration .