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The Guardians of Peace didn’t just threaten Sony Pictures and theaters that planned to showThe Interview; it also shook its fist at the press, too. The Intercept has obtained an FBI alert noting that the group implied threats against a “news media organization” on December 20th. While the bulletin doesn’t name the company, The Desk‘s Matthew Keys has copies of the Pastebin-based messages (since removed) showing that CNN was the target.

The Intercept has published an FBI bulletin that claims the Guardians of Peace have found a new target, and may go on to attack other companies “in the near future.”

The last we heard from the hackers was on December 20 when they posted a message on PasteBin mocking the FBI’s investigation, branding the agency “idiots” in a YouTube video.

The FBI referenced the “idiot” post, but the Dec. 24 bulletin also says that the hackers have posted further threats targeted at a news organisation.