Whether you’re among the chosen to get a new computer for the holidays or Already have one but struggling to find some good free apps , Here is the best free apps for mac :

  • FlyCut  


Cutting, copying, and pasting are the basic actions without which few computer interactions would work.Flycut is the perfect tool to help you organize and sort through all the snippets, links, and blurbs you’ve collected. No more disasters born of losing one piece of text by copying another — Flycut remembers all and makes it easily accessible with quick keyboard shortcuts.


TechnolifeMany have tried to knock Dropbox off its perch as the best cloud storage provider, but the app endures as one of the best the Mac has to offer. It keeps files synced up in the background without disturbing the user and gives quick access to shareable links for the last few items you’ve uploaded to it. The best part: the Dropbox mobile apps are just as quick and efficient.

  • ALFRED  


Calling Alfred a “launcher” isn’t giving this little app enough credit. Alfred replaces Spotlight search on your Mac, but it lets you launch apps, control Spotify, search Google Images, open sites with 1Password, check your clipboard history, and more. Since Alfred is so customizable, its capabilities are really only limited by your imagination.



iTunes may come preinstalled on your Mac, but let’s be real: the modern music library is Spotify. Download it, plug in your headphones, and start streaming whatever you’d like.



Sometimes the simplest tools are the most addictive. Caffeine lives in your menubar and, with a single click, prevents your screen from dimming and your Mac from running falling asleep. Then with another click, it’s off again. Test it out the next time you’re staring down a blank text document trying to begin an essay.

  • CLOUD 


Dropbox is the obvious answer when you want to store files online, but when you need to share something quickly,Cloud is the way to go. Just drag a file over the Cloud icon in your menubar, and poof. The file is uploaded and a shareable link has been copied to your clipboard. It really couldn’t be easier. It’s ideal for sharing screenshots and text snippets.