Its time for CES 2015 (consumer electronics show ) , where you get a glimpse of the future of technology . In which automobile maker BMW will be showing off its recent advances in autonomous vehicle research , including the smartwatch-operable Remote Valet Parking Assistant . The i3 research vehicle is equipped with four “advanced laser scanners,” which can map and identify hazards within an environment. This data can be used by the i3’s on-board assistance system to automatically trigger brakes when needed.


 BMW also  claims that the information gathered by the scanners can be combined with the digital site plans of a building to allow for independent navigation. Using a smartwatch, users can activate the parking assistant and have it automatically steer the car towards a space in a multi-story car park before locking the vehicle in anticipation of a summons. The announcement follows a demonstration from CES 2014, where BMW introduced a self-driving car at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.