Sony’s PS 4 has been at the top since ages , But now Microsoft just broke that in a big way . So according NPD data drop, the Xbox One was the number one selling console in both the US and the UK for November. Geekwire reports that US Xbox One sales last month were 1.2 million.

Xbox VP Says “November set a new record for sales of Xbox One, and Xbox One was the best-selling console in the US and UK.”This comes about a month after Microsoft announced that the Xbox One hit 10 million consoles sold; at the time, the company appeared bullish on the console’s prospects for beating Sony thanks to a $50 price cut and an increasingly strong software lineup. Sony has stuck with the PS4’s original $399 price point — but we’ll have to see if Microsoft’s big month leads the company to consider price cuts.


Where else Nintendo is no where in the race between Sony and Microsoft , But Nintendo did a very good job by Dropping  The excellent Super Smash Bros. for Wii U which sold almost 710,000 copies in the month , At the same time, Nintendo also launched its unusual AmiiBo real-world toys that players can use to interact with certain Wii U games — and apparently they were also big sellers for the company. Nintendo said that AmiiBo sales were “approximately equal” to sales ofSuper Smash Bros.

November was also a strong month for Nintendo on the console side, as sales of Wii U hardware and software increased by more than 10 percent and more than 90 percent, respectively, over the same period in 2013. In fact, the week of Nov. 23 was the biggest single week of Wii U hardware sales since the system launched in November 2012…

The NPD Group has also released its top 10 games sold at retail for the month of November. As always, the consoles listed in parenthesis next to each game represent the best-selling to worst-selling SKU for each game.

  • 1.) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (360, XBO, PS4, PS3, PC)

  • 2.) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4, XBO, 360, PS3)

  • 3.) Super Smash Bros. (NWU, 3DS)

  • 4.) Madden NFL 15 (360, XBO, PS4, PS3)

  • 5.) Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (3DS)

  • 6.) Far Cry 4 (PS4, XBO, 360, PS3, PC)

  • 7.) Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS)

  • 8.) NBA 2K15 (PS4, 360, XBO, PS3, PC)

  • 9.) Assassin’s Creed: Unity (PS4, XBO, PC)

  • 10.) Halo: The Master Chief Collection (XBO)

Some more interesting information NPD shared include:

Overall retail sales across hardware, software, and accessories declined 11 percent this November versus November 2013. For the most part throughout 2014, we have seen software declines that were offset by year-over-year increases in hardware spending. This November, however, hardware declines totaled $294 million while software declined $17 million or 2 percent. Accessory sales increased by a modest $5 million.

Currently, year-to-date sales across hardware, software, and accessories through November 2014 are up 2%.

Hardware bundles were a major factor in the sales of hardware this November, with a number of new bundles ranking as the highest selling hardware bundles so far this year with one bundle ranking as the highest selling hardware bundle ever based on dollar sales.

Cumulative PS4 and Xbox One sales are now almost 80 percent higher than the combined total of PS3 and Xbox 360 sales after 13 months on the market.

Software declines stemmed from losses from consoles software as portable software and PC Games software increased over November 2013. Portable software increased by 25 percent due to the combined performance Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. PC game sales increased by 34 percent over November 2013 due to The Sims 4 and the launch of World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords Of Draenor.

Seventh generation console sales combined to decrease by 49 percent or $361 million from November 2013. Eighth generation console software sales and portable software sales increased by $342 million and could not offset the losses stemming from seventh generation console.

Interestingly, this month had three platform exclusives within the top ten games with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection while in November 2013 there were no platform exclusives ranked in the top ten games.