Mark Zuckerberg said during a Q&A event on Thursday that Facebook considered adding a “dislike” button, but decided it would be too negative. Instead, the company is looking for a different button that would express a sentiment similar to “dislike,” but not encourage users to effectively vote against posts that they don’t enjoy.

“We need to figure out the right way to do it so it ends up being a force for good, not a force for bad,” Zuckerberg said in Menlo Park, California.

Zuckerberg acknowledged that when users share controversial issues on Facebook, others feel uncomfortable or  ambivalent about pressing a “like” button.

“There are more sentiments that people want to express than positivity,” he said.

In the comments section of the video posted on Facebook, one user suggested a “hug” button.

 Zuckerberg replied :  


When the “like” button was initially conceived it was called the “awesome” button. Despite Facebook’s longtime motto of “move fast and break shit,” the button was reconsidered and tweaked time and time again before its eventual launch in February 2009.