Aaron Paul, best known as Tobey Marshall in 2014’s video game adaptation Need for Speed, had at one point played a character in the AMC sitcom Breaking Bad. On that show he had a catchphrase that would put the studio audience in stitches: “Yo, bitch!”

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At the same time, recall the app Yo, a messaging app where you send people the word “Yo.”

“YB” is available now in the iTunes App Store. Now, let’s be clear exactly what you’re getting. This is from the official app description:

“Want to say hello to someone? Say “Hello, b****!”
Want to make your special someone feel loved? Say “I need you, b****!”
Fed up with your friend? Say “Why, b****?”    

including a $0.99 Socrates Pack that lets you ask important questions like “HOW? B*TCH,” “NOPE, B*TCH!” and “YOU SERIOUS, B*TCH!” (there are more options in the pack and many more packs you can purchase).

When you open the free app, you receive a welcome message from Paul himself, and he is automatically loaded as your first friend on the app.

TechnoLife - Yo Bitch

There are four message options to send to your friends on the app, all of which are said in Paul’s voice: “Yo, bitch” in a whisper; “Yo, bitch” in an annoyed voice; “Yo, bitch” in an excited voice; and just a plain “Yo, bitch.”

TechnoLife - Yo Bitch   And for the Android user

TechnoLife - Yo Bitch