This two guys are most popular brands in the mobile market, and two of the best phones we’ve seen all year. I know its hard  choosing which phone to buy—OnePlus One, Nexus 6, DROID Turbo, Moto X, One (M8), Galaxy S5—and it’s even more difficult when Apple and Samsung are involved. It’s time to pick a winner.

Just because the Note 4 has better specs doesn’t automatically mean it offers a better experience. But when you consider things like the S Pen, and all of Samsung’s neat software tweaks, the Note 4 becomes a smart device for productivity. The iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, offers Continuity and one of the best cameras in mobile, which is one of the most important features a phone can have. When all is said and done, these phones couldn’t be anymore different.

With the Note 4, you get expandable storage and a removable battery; you don’t get either with the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple’s device, however, offers a more accessible experience with an incredible app ecosystem, while Apple Pay is already breaking down walls in the mobile wallet market. Continuity, meanwhile, is important because it allows users to easily jump between Apple devices; Samsung offers a similar feature, but it’s not quite as powerful.

Technolife -Iphone vs Note

The Note 4 is a very well Build phone as it reminds me of Samsung Alfa , Off course Note 4 is an Premium looking and feeling phone , Samsung defiantly did a job for designing this phone, And this makes Note 4 the best looking phone among the Note Line-up .

Both of the device have a Finger Print Scanner

But Note 4’s Finger Print Scanner is not that easy that you get in iPhone 6 Plus , On the other hand we have Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus . This is Company’s First big screen , and yes it HUGE . iPhone 6 Plus Have all aluminium back and the glass toward the front curves slightly toward the edge of the screen. iPhone 6 Plus is really a slippery phone and it is not that good looking as compared to the Note 4 . But iPhone 6 Plus his thinner than Note 4 .

Now with Samsung’s “Super AMOLED Display ” things are more Vibrant and colour rich on the other hand iPhone 6 Plus have IPS display which gives users a more natural looking colour and wide viewing angle . Note 4 has a 2K Display so Note 4 winning this area .

Camera now days are getting Better and Better and Better , Note 4 is 16 Mega-Pixel Shooter with OIS , While iPhone 6 Plus Features a smaller 8 Mega – Pixel camera with OIS . Now you might be thinking that Note 4 will be winning the Camera race but iPhone 6 Plus wins this area iPhone 6 Plus takes some of the best photos in mobile , Note 4 on the other hand try’s hard to over process the image . As to the facts Mega Pixel only matter when you want to print out large photos.

As i said before this are one of the huge and best selling phone in the market . Note 4 is powered by Snap Dragon 801 Processor with its 3 GB RAM and iPhone 6 Plus powered by new A8 Chip from Apple . During day to day use both of them are capable to handling whatever you throw of them  , both can handle task no problem.

Battery is also an important factor to talk about , iPhone 6 plus Features 2915 mAh battery and Note 4 features 3200 mAh , you cannot completely discharge both of the phone from 100 % to 0 % for sure in a single day . Note 4 also comes in with fast adapter charger, charging Note 4 for 15 min can give you enough juice for another 1 hour , this is a feature iPhone 6 Plus Misses .

Since Both of this guy runs on both different OS one runs on iOS and other on Android. Both performs differently. One advantage with android is you can customize your phone , other features comes in with Note 4 is the S Pen , Some people use it some not but the S Pen you get on Note 4 is not only for drawing , But it is very use full for cut , copy and paste . S Pen is just like a mouse for your Note 4.  where as iOS have more  User Friendly UI , iOS now supports 3rd party keyboard and Widgets  . iOS also offers “Continuity” , which makes your iPad , iPhone and Mac work together . iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8 also features “Apple Pay ” which uses phones NFC , Apple pay is Safe , Secure and uses Touch iD for payment .

if i had to choose between Android and iOS then Defiantly i would chose iOS because fits to my day to day life , And i can use Stock app to message other iDevice users for free and even facetime them without 3rd party app.

In the end it is very difficult to say which one comes at the top , Result can different from person to person . But As far as the Specs goes Note 4 Leads the Game .


A blog By : Jay Patel (@imjaypatell)