flow_endframeJust after the release of iPhone 6/6+ Apple launched its new generation of iPad Air Line-up. This is the best iPad Apple has every Build .This are the things which makes it one of the best ipad ever :

  • Thinner
  • Better Display 
  • Massive Power 
  • Touch iD 
  • Two Improved Camera’s 
  • Faster Wireless  

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.44.20 pmThinner : you cannot find the words to describe the thinness of this device , Apple did an amazing job of making this iPad 18% for slimmer as compared to the iPad Air. Which makes it “Worlds Thinnest Tablet”. When you hold one of them it actually feels like you are holding the Display itself, Its harder to believe that there is a Computer at back. That thinness is primarily achieved from a new optically-bonded display that virtually eliminates the air gap between the LCD and the top glass, making it seem like you’re touching the pixels directly.  iPad Air 2 is 6.1 mm thin and weights 0.96 pound.

Better Display : The displays on previous generations of iPad used three separate components.But in  iPad Air 2 changes all that, combining those three layers into just one , As mention above this helps device to be thinner and also improves the display . iPad Air 2 rocks on 2048×1536 Resolution , with 3 Million pixels on a 9.7 inch Display . The display has improved sensitivity so that it can track your finger more accurately, this improves the quick gestures on iPad Air 2 , Meaning every game to play , every website you surf on , every photo and video you enjoy are more personal . the display has also antireflective custom-design coat which reduces glare by 56% . but I didn’t really notice it making a huge difference; you definitely can’t use it in bright sunlight.

Massive Power : With iPad Air 2 you get Apple Latest and greatest processor ” A8X ” . This is ridiculously fast , And you can notice the fast processor when you load web pages and launch apps on iPad Air 2 as compared to the iPad Air, You’d expect a thinner device with a more powerful chip to take a hit on battery life, but the Air 2 lasted just as long as any of my other iPads — you can go a  full weekend of using it on LTE and Wi-Fi without charging it, finally plugging it in at 34 percent.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.46.48 pmTouch ID : Now touch id come in ipad air 2 , which makes this device more secure , which works as seamlessly as it does on the iPhone to unlock , With touch id you can you can Unlock your device , Pay For apps , But Unfortunately there is no NFC band so you will not see any ipad waving at credit card terminals . Touch id on iPad Air 2 works like a charm , it is as precise as the iphone 6/6+ .

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.46.34 pmTwo Improved Camera’s :  lately ipad was 5 mega pixel shooter but now it is 8 Mega pixel shooter , It’s a fine enough camera in bright light and just okay in low light, and nowhere close to the exemplary units in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. iPad is now also able to shoot slo mo at 120 – fps , The Front Camera is also improved for all selfie lover out there and burt mode is also introduced in the front camera. It won’t blow any minds, but it’s a huge upgrade for the millions of people happily using the iPad as a camera.

If the hardware of the iPad Air 2 demonstrates the overwhelming power of small iterative improvements, then the software represents the failings of that approach. The overall experience of using the iPad Air 2 in 2014 is a case study in missed opportunities and untapped potential. Apple has all but stopped adding tablet-specific features to iOS — the minor two-paned mode for landscape apps on the iPhone 6 Plus is a more significant rethinking of how to manage a larger screen size than anything added to the iPad Air 2 this year ,When we look at the OS in iPad it just looks like an enlarge picture on ios in other device. The main reason behind the tablet is to deliver more productivity to your work , So when we think about more productivity in tablet the first that comes in mind is “Multi – Tasking ” , And Apple is really missing it . On the Other hand Samsung has already done that and they are top of that , even there phone are redefined for multi-tasking , Apple does not even do that on there tablet .

Available in 3 Colour Option : Silver , Gold , Space Grey .

Price : 16 GB : $ 499 , 64 GB : $599 , 128 GB : $699

  • Good Points :

– Stunning Display

– Very Thin

– Great Battery

– Super Fast

  • Bad Points : 

– No multiuser support

– No multitasking

TechnoLife Score : 9.7 / 10     

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